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[Review] #627# Exit Comfort Zone 2016/7/26

This meeting review was written by our VPPR Lynn Tang. #627#Theme:Exit the Comfort Zone The word of the day: instinctive President Opening and warmup session “What is the relationship between toastmasters and dentist? “People’s Square TMC president Williem opened the meeting with a very interesting question. The fact is the first toastmaster meeting was held by a dentist called Ralph C. Smedley.... 
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[Review] #628# Summer Holiday 2016/8/2

The meeting review was written by our beautiful girl Jessie Lee. This summer is hot while our meetings are cool! Hours before the meeting, our beautiful SAA had sent pictures of delicious food and fruits which were also beautiful in the wechat group. You see~ People can’t wait to join in yeah. “Is there anyone who has never made mistakes?”“No.”Most people answered, while there was someone... 
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[Review] #626# Emotional Management2016/7/19

The theme of the meeting Emotional Management Word of the day Tolerant, intolerant, tolerate, tolerance SAA The orange girl SAA, Katrina Guo kicked off the meeting and welcomed all audience, with her warm smile and delicious fruit. TME and three helpers TME Steven Shen warmed up by joking about his tiger wife. Dubbed as “talking machine” in the club, Steven used his unique style to introduce speakers... 
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[Review] #625# Be professional 2016/7/12

This meeting was kicked off by our beautiful elegant lady Paradee. Though it was also her last TM meeting in Shanghai, Paradee did a great job as TME and left us a professional and warm impression. To give her a surprise, we prepared a personalized gift – a notebook with our signatures and wishes to her. We hoped she would enjoy her life in Thailand. Three Angels Jessica Feng-first time to... 
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[Review]#625# Be Professional 2016/7/12

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