Exchange Visits in Changsha No.1 Toastmasters Club

On 29th, April, Megan Peng, PR Assistant of People Square Toastmasters Club visited its sister club in Changsha-Changsha No.1 Toastmasters Club. This is a rare chance for both sides as it offered opportunity for the two clubs to exchange opinions and views with regards to effective club building and organization. And a piece of exciting news is that five officers from Changsha No.1 Toastmasters Club will do an exchange visit on our 11th, May’s meeting and lovely Sandy will deliver her C5 speech on that day! We are really looking forward to your visit two weeks later, our friends from afar!

New Orientation Dinner Organized

On 17th, April, People Square Toastmasters Club held a “New Member Orientation Dinner” for recently-joined new members. In the “Orientation Dinner”, officers introduced PSTMC’s mission, responsibilities of officer roles, and member roles to new members. In the mean time, new members got to know each other better by casual talk and small games. All enjoyed the dinner very much! Thanks! The organizer of this meeting, our MVP, Spike Gu and thanks!PSTMC for your support and caring!

Two New Members Joined

Two new members just joined our club! They are Oscar and
Megan. Oscar made his C1 speech on 13th, April and he earned
“The Best Speaker” that evening! Let us congratulate on his successful “virgin show”. Can his good luch pass to Megan?
Let us expect the evening of 20th, April!

Quote of the Day

“No matter how small and unimportant what we are doing may
seem, if we do it well, it may soon become the step that will
lead us to better things.”
— Channing Pollock