PS Toastmasters Club 090707 meetingGE Report by Julian

This GE Report is written by Julian from Microsoft.

People’s Square Toastmasters Club 090707 meeting.


GE Report

Room and accomodations

A/C was a little loud, but was switched on and off as appropriate by members

Good seating, just enough for the members and guests with a few more empty spots for latecomers

The center aisle is a little crowded with the camera there. If the camera is not in use, it might be better to take it away.

Please keep the PPT off if not in use as it is distracting

Brad (TME)

Keep your stories and comments focused. Its good that you make reflections and comments about what people had to say, but take it a step further and use what was last said to transition into the next topic.

Keep transitions smooth, don’t say the same sentence, or use the same structure twice. After asking the person to come up to the stage, don’t say anything more until they take the stage. Wait for them to come up, don’t go off the stage of to the side to meet them.

Spike (TTE)

Good acronyms. ‘SS’ Simple Structure ‘PREP’ Point, Reason, Example, Point.

Good use of PREP structure to give feedback. Specific examples are important.

Good to point out good use of ‘vivid’ laguage.

Peter Wan (IE C9)

Good insight about ‘3 parts to persuade’, followed by examples of how speaker demonstrated each section.

Good suggestion of how to improve the ‘power’ of their speech

Joe He (IE C9)

Good examples of how speaker used concrete proof with photos and statistics.

Good examples of how speaker choose a good topic to connect with the audience and appeal to their emotions

Remember to discuss why good habits are important? Why do we want to connect with the audience? So that our messages have more impact and are received more effectively by the audience.

Christine Grammarian

Good example of how to use word of the day, you included a lot of information about it

The writing on your paper is too small, it is impossible to read the smaller fonts

Rowain Ah Counter

Good interaction with the audience

Good explanation of Ah counters function, and why the role is important.

Edgar Timer

Good job, no comments

-End of report


updated by PRVP Ben Dai

GE Report by Suhail Nasir 090618 meeting

GE Report by Suhail Nasir (China National Champion Of Public Speaking 2008)

Let me start with the President Opening. We can see that Joe was well prepared and his energetic words caught our attention immediately, which was very good, because usually people don’t know what to talk about in the first 1 to 2 minutes, just wasting some time on the stage. Joe didn’t talk about any nonsense and all his words were related to the theme of tonight’s meeting, “challenge”!

Our timer, Ben Dai was very diligent. He was assigned with the role the last minute before the meeting but he still took it seriously. He also facilitated some speakers very well to control the time by showing them the cards but not disturbing them.

Ah counter Sophia Yan also did a very good job. Also assigned with task in the last minute, but from her precise report, we can see she didn’t ignore any minute of the whole meeting.

Our Grammarian was very professional and she gave us a wonderful word. One thing I want to mention about is that I also used the word of the day “conquer”, but I didn’t think you count it. Listening is very important. As a leader, you should pay attention to each single word, because no one is happy to be neglected.

Warming up is my favorite session. Brad Zhang did it in a unique way. One observation, may be that “Obama” is too popular, so it’s easy for people to guess. Next time, I think you can choose a not-that-popular person such as Suhail. J

The table topics session was very exciting. It’s not hard to see that Xiaoxiao prepared those questions very well. As a leader, you must make everything prepared in advance. One thing I want to point out is that a leader is as a boss of a restaurant. No matter what kinds of people coming to your restaurant, all you want to do is to make everything go smoothly. The same theory for Table topic masters, when you’re holding the whole session, you’re responsible for its going smoothly. You should avoid troubles.

I’m so surprised by the three individual evaluators. Each of you gave the evaluation according to the objective of the speech, which was well-targeted. A bad example is that when some one is giving an evaluation for a C2 speech, he also talks about body language or vocal variety. I’m happy I didn’t see it tonight. Because as a leader, you should clearly know what your target is and what is most needed, then you can make it achieved. One suggestion to you all is that try not using notes when you’re giving evaluation on the stage!

I always leave the best in the last. I like the performance of our TME, Peter, very much. You made everything under control. You used some jokes to connect one part with another. I’m still immersed in your made-up “Brad Peter”!