First time as TME by Nika Xu

PS Toastmasters Club美女会员Nika Xu的总结文章,Nika上一届做Secretary的时候总是给大家发来一份份充满创意和童真的Agenda。她觉得上次会议自己在Toastmaster of the Evening上做的不好,平时她一直严格要求自己,每次都会反思自己哪里做的不好,哪里做的好,我想她的进步跟她的总结有非常大的关系。相信只要尝试总归会有进步。今天的记录就是明天成功的基石。Toastmasters是一个鼓励你尝试的地方,我们看到一个个会员从害怕演讲到挥洒自如,从不会公众演讲到可以作为主持人引导会议,都是在Toastmasters Stage上面训练后的结果。加油!


First time as TME

Last meeting(20090728), I just tried role—TME, who host the whole meeting. I  score myself 65.

I list some areas I need to improve.

1)Tone Setter

Toastmaster of the Evening means you need set tone for the meeting, but if yourself not so comfortable, how do the audience?


More Practise

2) Speaker Introducer

Two things about this:

2.1) one  thing is “repeat”, such as we I say welcome sb… i always use Let’s welcome sb …, no changes.( this needs daily accumulation)

Perhaps I can say:

let’s invite…

Let’s warmly welcome…

Let’s put our hands to welcome…

please put our hands together for…

let us hear from…

Let me call upon…

I’d like to invite…

2.2) another thing is body language

when I shake hands with speaker, I used to go to the speaker, instead of waiting for the speaker coming to the stage. This may lead the speak not stand on the center of the stage.

3) Applause Leader,Appreciation Giver

yes, I do applause, I do say thank you, but I did these in a rush. no pause.  Anyway, the effect is not so good.

4) Energizer

I don’t think I injected energy into this meeting 🙁

Especially in the end, I prepared to closing remarks.but I don’t know why I just say one word “thank you” without energy, no sincere.

5) Speaker

I also a speaker on the stage. Thanks to the Today’s grammarian, she picked a lot of bad usage of my speeches: pronunication of “sharing,snack”, silent (should be Please silence)

Frequency, One weak Point!

6) Host

I am not so smart to deal with the special situation.

Forget new added sharing session

After break, people still talked, and I am awkward and just say “silent pls, silent pls”

Miss the introduction of “New member induction”, then not smart to deal with it.

Anyway, although I blow the meeting, I do like the feeling of a tme. I will try next time and try to be better.



你害怕公众演讲吗?那你就来People’s Square Toastmasters Club吧!



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