Foster New Relationship in PSTMC

Relations of various kind affect every facets of our everyday life. That is why we chose “relationship” as the theme of our meeting this week. Because without good relationship with people around us, how can we enhance our communications skills and achieve excellence?

I would like to say our TME-Roawin has done an excellent job by guiding us to play a small game in the beginning and in this way, we better understand how to foster relations, both physically and mentally.

The Special Sharing was what I enjoyed the most in the evening. Our professional trainer, Linda Ma delivered a “Sales Traning” to teach us how to sell our products and even ourselves. The opening, with some questions, got enthusiastic response from the audience and created great interactions. During the process, Linda designed “Role Play” so that every audience was involved in the training. And in the end, Linda shared with some simple and easy-to-remember sales tips and in this way, people can better digest and absorb. The whole session was educational and we all learned a great deal from it! Thanks, Linda!

Ben Dai as TTM proposed a series of questions regarding “relations”(including office relations, love relations, relations with parents) to the audience and five members and guests bravely shared with their stories and experiences. What was most impressive was Sam, a member from 5A+! He even depicted a plot on how he courageously confessed his love to his girl.

As for the prepared speeches, all are great speeches! Megan told the audience why she wanted to be back to Toastmasters Club; Bourne lectured on “Environment Protection” and our most distinguished Peter delivered a very humorous speech on his “Japanese Experience”.

Evaluators proposed various suggestions and advice to the speakers on how to inprove their speeches from different perspectives based on their different experiences. They are the most lovely people as without them, how can we enhance our communication skills?

The award ceromony was the most expected every time. Sam got “The Most Impressive Table Topic Speaker”, Peter received “The Best Speaker” and Daniel got “The Best Evaluator”. Let us congratulate them!

Because of our passion, professionalism, and dedication, several guests decided to join us as a member on site! People Square Toastmasters Club ROCKS!

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