Golden Holiday Is Coming

  As the May Day golden holiday is drawing nearer and nearer, many people started designing their plans. It can be travelling to gorgeous beaches, visiting parents, meeting with old friends. However, People Square Toastmasters Club Weekly Meeting should be what you cannot afford to miss as the theme of this week was “Golden Holiday” and we shared with each other a lot of ideas and imagination for the exciting holiday.

   I would like to say Spike has done a wonderful job as the Acting President in that he ignited the evening with a passionate and enthusiastic opening. You are really an “Aries”!

   Thompson, the TME led the whole meeting smoothly in a humorous yet logical manner. You added vitality to this evening!

   I believe Neil contentiously prepared for “Table Topic” session from two perspectives. One is that he carefully chose each question to be addressed. The other is that he designed the session with some creativity (for the first time, we saw lovers’ dialogue and we also enjoyed the debate between the two guests on the topic about “extended holiday is better or not”). Thanks, Neil! Great job!

   As for Prepared Speeches, Tommy delivered his second C1 speech at such a short notice(less than 8 hours’ time) and also at a higher quality! Expectedly, he earned “Best Speaker” in this meeting. While, on the other hand, Zhanglin used his C3 speech sharing with members and guests his company and his job with his technical expertise. Though the topic is uncommon, the speech still introduced a lot of laughter. The secret is black humor. Want to have black humor? Please just ask Zhang Lin! He is the black humor king!

   Among all evaluators, I appreciate Joy’s evaluation and comments very much for two reasons. One is that she used simple words and phrases in the evaluation session so that each speaker can understand her and another reason is that she used a diagram in which she listed all table topic speakers and their respective merits and shortcomings which can make her evaluation more smoothly. I really learned from her.

   Last but not least, let me extend our gratitude to all of you! You are the ones who made this meeting a success and People Square Toastmasters Club a shining star.

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