New Generation(18th, May)

    This is a memorable evening for us as PSTMC and CAT jointly and successfully held this meeting which attracted more than 60 members and guests. On behalf of all members and guests, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our EVP, Jolie Hu, for without her, we cannot experience such a high-quality meeting and frankly speaking, this is the highest-quality meeting that I have ever witnessed before.

   Table Topic Session was closely knitted with “New Generation”-the theme of the meeting. Table Topic Master, Zhang Lin popped questions of various types, such as new generation of digital products, new generation of champion in the upcoming World Cup and so on……The questions have two characteristics:1)Easy to understand; 2)Imaginary. Because of these, guests responded with passion and this in turn created very positive and interactive atmosphere.

   With regards to Prepared Speeches, all what I can say is “they are really somebody!”. For DTM, Yingdan Liu’s C1 speech, I have learned so much. Her grace, appropriate gestures, tones and intonations impressed me a lot! For Oscar, the only speaker from People Square Toastmasters Club, I just would like to say, you are always that special and unconventional as you always tried to be different no matter it was your topic, it was your facial expressions or it was your story. You were actually performing monodrama, and you are sure to be the King of Drama! KC Loh’s A9 speech “How to Improve Your Memory” is the most informative speech since she taught us a set of skills to help us improve our memory in every facets of life. For me, this speech was like rain in drought as I cannot remember things correctly recently and after the meeting, I have confidence that my memory will be improved.

   See, this is the magic of Toastmasters. Life in People Square Toastmasters Club is just like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get. You may learn some skills (communications, sales, leadership), you may get Mr/Miss Right, you may hear a story which will change your way of thinking, and you may get a leader role which will help you grow up quickly. So, if you want to get more, come here more often. I promise you will get something meaningful beyond your expectations.

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