Officer Story – VPE Mandan Wu

There is no royal road to learning.

Mandan Wu, TM  joined in PSTMC in April, 2017. She chose to be VPE from Jan. 2018 – Jun. 2018. Why did she choose VPE?  She dividied her growth in PS into four parts.  Now, let’s view what she said about her jouney in Toastmasters.
Mandan’s words:
I talked with a TM from the other club yesterday (20180927). He said there seems to be a curse that retired officers tend to be disappeared in his club. When I heard about that, I felt so proud of our PS, because in our club when officers get retired, they become officer assistants. This club heritage makes my officer journey easier.
Part 1 Profile
On April 15th 2017, I became a formal toastmaster member of PS. On January 1st 2018, I became an official officer of PS.  It was not easy for me to make the decision to run for the VPE, one of the busiest officers in the team, since I was new and I was busy. Only after I’ve organized several meetings, did I realize that ‘lack of experience and being busy’ was never the reason, because I was not doing it alone.
Part 2 Tough & Fruitful Journey
It was a tough term , but it was fruitful.As the VPE, I was responsible for the meeting quality and members’ education growth.These responsibilities brought me lots of pressures since I was just a new member. I was afraid that I could not invite knowledgeable sharing masters to our meetings. I was anxious that our meetings were always overtime. I felt pressured when roles told me they couldn’t come last minutes. I felt sorry that we didn’t provide enough supports to our national speech contestants. I felt stressed for quite a long time. But things just worked out. Because I was not alone. I was in a team.
Whenever I need a sharing master, our VPPR Wendy would invite one. When the meeting was overtime, our members like Kathy, Zunfeng and others would help find the reason and gave suggestions. When some roles could not come, our senior members like Steven, Joan and Williem would cover the roles. When I was hungry at the meeting, our SAA Jenny would put a banana and some snacks in my bag. When I was away for a few weeks, our Landy took the VPE responsibility. Those were the moments that left indelible impression on my heart. Those were the moments that I felt so attached to the club and the team.One person can go faster. But one team can go further. And I finally believe that is not me or VPE who is responsible for the meeting quality, it’s a teamwork.
Part 3 Growth
There was a period when I was thinking about leaving Toastmaster after my officer term ended. Because I couldn’t find my self-growth that I have no opportunity to speak during my term (Basically it was me who didn’t arrange it). But two things happened and changed my mind. Those were doing the interpreter’s job during the Syrian Refugees visiting trip and speaking in the forum held by Peking University and Gates’ Foundation. Both were new to me. But both went well unexpected. Those were the moments that I knew that I have made progresses. And I knew that “I won’t regret if I continue my toastmaster journey, especially officer journey”.
Part 4 Untitled
Before I got retired as the VPE. I didn’t know which path I should choose in Toastmaster in the future. To be a professional speaker, to compete in the contest or to be a servant like a leader, serving in the officer team? I was lucky that I had the previlege to ask advices from one of the three trios in District 85, the previous CGD & the current PQD Helen He. She called me, sharing her ideas about Toastmasters Officer Journey from a wider vision. And she also shared her district officer handbook. It took me a few hours to read through the officer handbook. And I found that Toastmaster was not only about roles and meetings. There were more to explore. To explore further, I have to dedicate more.
I’m now one of the Program Quality Assistants of Division L Director. And I’m also coordinating our mentoring program in Division L. I’m still a new TM. But, I’m not anxious anymore, because I know I am not alone and I can always trust the team in Toastmasters.There’s a long way to go in Toastmasters. There’s more to explore in Toastmasters. And I will continue pursuing.
There’s a sentence that motivates me from a toastmasters. And I’d like to share with you all.“Invite smart people to join in. Never ever limit ourselves by our own strategies. Believe in the collective wisdom.” Shared by Helen He,PQD@D85
Thank you, Mandan Wu!Thank you for your further dedications to be  VPE Assistant from Jul. to Dec. in 2018!All PS members forever remember you have done this job-VPE during your TM time. Thank you!

– The End –

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