[Review]#624#The Road You Want to Go 2016/7/5

This was the first meeting that new officers showed up.

The theme of the meeting is “the road you want to go”, which simply means making choices.

Toastmaster of the Evening Dingkang kicked off the meeting by quoting a famous saying “all roads lead to Rome”, which tells us the relationship between choice and purpose.

Our president Williem told us making a choice is all about choosing what you love and loving your choices.

Another distinguished guest shared his thought about this theme. Don’t regret and don’t look back when you finally make a decision.


Sharing Session

Special sharing was delivered by VPM Assistant Virginia who loves basketball.

She brought us about “your life purpose”

First purpose of life: be happy

Second purpose of life: the big question—why are you here

She also shared her story and some tips about how to achieve our life purpose.


Prepared speech session

Rebecca Chen told us an interesting story about her and her in-laws. She wanted us to know that we should balance our gains and losses.

Katrina Guo told us a funny story about her boss and colleagues to show that we should never get drunk.

Michael Lee shared with us about his personal story and his favorite idol in investment—Warren Buffett. It seems that he has got a lot of stuff from Buffett.

Finally it’s our big star Rocky Shen who briefly introduced his new education project. After his introduction, I believe a lot of people have been inspired and they would take action immediately.


Evaluation Session

In the evaluation session, evaluators gave some practical suggestions to our prepared speakers.

Jessie’s suggestion to Rebecca is to share more about herself in her first speech.

Steven suggested that Katrina had better made her point clear in her speech.

Semy suggested Michael to give more examples in his speech. It would be more attractive to the audience in that way.

Zunfeng advised rocky to make some highlights on his education program.

What a wonderful meeting we had!


—–This meeting review was written by Ethan Jiang and Jevon Sun—–

[Review]#623# Control Your Expense 2016/06/28


Word of the Day


Adi,任意的; 自由决定的; 酌情行事的; 便宜行事的

Having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment

Such as “More rich more discretionary”.


This theme of this meeting is “control your expense”. We all know it is not easy to become rich, and therefore we cherish our treasure. For our People Square Toastmaster Club, the most valuable treasure are our members, especially the officers who are devoting their time energy and energy to this club.  We cherish each other and support each other.

Let us see how we make the club even richer.


TME -toastmaster of evening.

Our fashion girl, Semy Gao, led this meeting as the Toastmaster of Evening. She is always so professional. She made transitions among sessions smoothly, and heightened the energy level of the atmosphere, which would otherwise go down.


TT – table topic

This session was held by Jevon SUN, a professional and passionate Table Topic Master. His questions were relavent to our daily life,. The audience can easy understand the questions and deliver their speech and express their value. Here I list the questions.

1. Do you like shopping online? Tell us one of your recent online shopping experience.

2. Some young people buy things on impulse. Are you this type of person? What is your view on impulsive purchase?

3. In your opinion, what is a wise investment?

4. Many girls are good at haggling about prices. Do you like bargaining with vendors? What techniques are required to be a good bargainer?

5. Do you have a saving plan?


Special session — Officer Installation

Since the first toastmaster term is closing off, the new officer team will be on board soon., We invited area director, Corry ZHOU, to host this Officer Installation. One by one , each officer took their oath and responsibility with the gavel down. We all together support each other and achieve excellence


Prepared Speech

1. P1: Who am I

Sherry XIE gave her ice break speech and surprised us a lot. A young mother with 3 girls, two of which are twins, still can find time to join toastmaster club. Through watching movie, she draws inspiring ideas. Even in the company’s meeting, in front of many people, she broke her struggling to rise hand and asked a question to her big boss- the president. In her daily life, she learned a lot, due to these. She becomes more confident and better. Wow! Another rising new star.


IE -individual evaluation

Michael LEE evaluated Sherry’s speech as more than p1 speech. The structure was clear: opening with a brief introduction; body including two stories; The endings inspired people. And her delivery was powerful and vivid. Also, she used 3 “ I’m” to show us the magic of parallel construction.


2. P3: The reason to stay

Ding Kang

To Leave or tostay is a common question in our lives. So is for us to decide on a toastmasters club. Over a 6-month support to officer team Dingkang fingered out 2problems that could weaken our club. One is the structure, another is personal inside problem. And he gave some suggestion to solve them: first, the officer team members support each other and build a channel between members and officers to help each other. As to the personal problem, please think out not just what we can get, but also what we can bring, to explore ourselves.

IE Jessie LEE

She evaluated that Dingkang’s speech title got to the point quietly. The topic was familiar to us, and organized well with analysis problem then giving suggestions, also inspiring all together work hard. Something can be improved is less the problems and find a more positive effect to encourage people to stay here.

3. P5: Who are you going to be

Vera LIU

Who you are? What are you going to be? Smart, handsome, rich, better person, better life, Vera firstly figureed out you may think too much, that is just you dream about it. Why say so, Vera told us the secret by giving us two stories. The secret is to accept the imperfect you, be yourself, be in you, find the real you, and enjoy yourself.


She evaluated that Vera did very well in body language, including warm smile, nature movement and gestures. Also, She had eye contacts with people all over the room. One suggestion was to make full use of the whole stage.

4. P10: You are here for a reason


He started his CC journey one year ago, over one year, he learned a lot. Once when he joined in the toastmaster meeting, he lied to his family, and said it’s due to overwork. He was shy of losing face in front of his wife. Once he struggled on speech content, once he hid what he had achieved in the Toastmaster. Through one year’s practice, and learning by doing, he improved step by step. Now he can generate ideas from his daily life, he can rehearsal in the front of his wife without embarrassment.  He also showed what he has done to his friends. Now one shy guy became a shining guy. He found the reason to stay here. Congratulation Yajun, you win back!

IE – Ethan JIANG

Ethan said this was Yajun’s best speech, because Yajun merged all speaking skills to this speech. Prepared well, good pronunciation, vocal variety, body language, and also the visual ads. His personal stories supported the key message and inspired all the audience.




General Evaluation and three helpers

GE – Lois LAU,

Grammarian – Cynthia CHEN

Ah Counter – Williem CAHYADI

Timer – Mavis FANG


Our champion Lois gave her serious evaluation humorously. Our professional president and SAA were required to open the meeting in a different way, and try something new. Our TME Semy won the high praise from Lois. Grammarian Cynthia got suggestion: use the whiteboard, and separate her report to vocal, grammar, pronounce will be better. Ah counter Williem, got suggestion: inspire more people with his report. And for timer Mavis, Lois told all the audience to pay attention to the timer, or else timer will kill you. Other role takers also did quite well, that is why we can have a fancy meeting.



The best role taker is Jevon SUN. Jessica won the best table topic.. The best speaker went to Vera LIU.

Congratulations to all the prepared speakers, what you bring to our club, also make our club richer.

Here you will find who you are, what are you going to be, the reason to stay. And you are here for the reason.

——This review is written by Jennifer Lee, Jeff Chen—————–

[Review]#622# You are what you Wear 2016/6/26

The demo meeting YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR was held in a fancy place on We+ at Huaihai Road. Every member and guest dressed up, shining and glamorous. Just look at their stylish clothes!

Cocktail Party

Guests socialized while drinking cocktails and eating appetizers. There were neary 80 people came to this meeting, we prepared various cocktails, food, drinks and snacks.

President Opening

In tuxedo, Logan kicked off the demo meeting. He highly praised the fashionable style of all the participants. Then he reinforced the theme of the meeting by saying Toastmasters is where leaders are made, and it is also where men and women become stylish.

TME and three helpers

Wearing a gorgeous black dress, Lois Lau acted as the Toastmasters of the Day, who hosted the whole meeting. She pointed out that the style is what we are. She introduced the meeting agenda and invited everyone to join the gossip dinner after the meeting. The three helpers were Timer Janet Yuan, Ah Counter Cynthia Chen, and Grammarian Zhang Lin.

Table Topic session

Table topic master Dennis Wen hosted an innovative table topic session. His hosting style was quite impressive. He invited Chelsi Xiao for the first question – “Whose dress is the most charming in this meeting?” Chelsi highly praised Katrina for wearing an elegant dress with blue-white China pattern, which reflected the rich and abundant Chinese culture.

Guess what, Dennis Wen then invited Katrina to answer a question. The third speaker was chosen by Katrina. This time, she needed to choose a perfect boyfriend from the audience. And what’s beyond our imagination was four men standing up for Katrina, including her husband! You may already know who was chosen, her husband Evan, a man with glasses and wisdom!

The fourth speaker Jessica wore a gorgeous blue dress. She told us about the story behind this beautiful gown.

The next speaker Zhang Lin, the humor king in PS Toastmasters, was asked about his first love since people never forget their first love. His answer with great wit and humor made the audience burst into laugh “People are wrong, and I already forgot my first love!” Then he shared the story about his second love when he was in the kindergarten. He and a little girl were playing a common kindergarten game like a family. What a hilarious love story!!


Sharing Session

You Are What You Wear by Logan Tan

Logan shared 3 tips about how to dress well and become a charming gentleman:

1. The clothes should fit you in size.

2. Find the right color that fit you well.

3. Different style, formal and informal.


You Are What You Wear by Yanhua Li

Ms Li, a professional stylist presented the secrets of becoming a gorgeous girl.

1. Focus on your beauty inside.

2. Pay attention to the occasions and then decide what to wear.

3. Smart color matching.


Prepared Speech session

A6: A lesson –Steven Shen, CC/CL

In his speech, Steven told us what happened during an outing organized by Bilingual Drama club last week. They had a boozy dinner and everyone got drunk. Then what happened in that night? Nothing. He and another male member went to sleep right way in the hotel room. However, on the second day, his friend found the money in his wallet was gone. Steven was very embarrassed because he was the only person living with that guy. After trying to recall the events, they were shocked to discover they forgot to lock the door due to intoxication. Someone must have entered the room and stolen the money! What a lesson!

Evaluator: Rocky Shen, CC/ALB

Good points: The story is very entertaining and the lesson is useful for everyone. Steven also used double twists to dramatize his story-telling.

Suggestions: it is better to make a title more specific since the title “a lesson” is too general. It is better to use vocal variety to make conversations more vivid.


A10: Distinguished Club Award –Williem Cahyadi, CC/CL

In his A10 speech, Williem announced an exciting news- our club got the Distinguished Cub Award from Toastmasters International! He extended his great gratitude to the former officer team for their hard work and dedication, which made that happen. Great wall wasn’t built in one day, and that is why we should thank past generations who have laid the foundation for the coming generation to build on. Then he expressed his vision to build our club into the benchmarking club. Our club under new leadership will surely exceed the expectation and achieve excellence!

Evaluator: Zhang Lin, CC/CL

Good points: Williem showed his sincerity and gratitude to the officer team in the speech. He also mentioned members’ names to recognize their contribution.

Suggestions: If a scenario of an awarding ceremony can be set up, it will be more interesting and get the audience engaged. If he can pick one person, and tell us the details about how his or her work helped a lot to achieve excellence, the speech will be much more substantialized.


A28: Appraise and Giving Feedback- Chelsi Xiao, ACS/ALB

Chelsi started her A28 speech by asking the audience where we can get feedback.  Then she shared 4 tips of giving feedback. 1) Share information, not advice; 2) Keep it brief; 3) Accentuate the positive; 4) timeliness; 5) praise progress. After elaborating each technique, she invited Ethan to simulate a scenario. She praised Ethan’s hard work of PR campaign for this demo meeting and gave him the feedback.

Evaluator: Cathy Xu, CC/CL from Talent Discovery Bilingual club

Good points: great opening and excellent presentation to introduce techniques. The scenario is a vivid demonstration of how to give valuable feedback effectively.

Suggestions: if she can also empower the person to change, for example, encouraging him to achieve another success in next PR event, the speech will be more wonderful.


General Evaluation Session

Liva Wan DTM hosted general evaluation session.

We were honored to have District 85 program officer, the Distinguished Toastmaster Liva Wan as our general evaluator. She started the evaluation in a classic Toastmasters style “you have done a great job”. She used “PS” to compliment our demo meeting which was so professional and so special. Everything was well arranged, and every role taker was dedicated. She also appreciated the great work from our Grammarian Zhang Lin, Ah Counter Cynthia Chen and Timer Janet. The meeting was more than 3 hours, and their dedication made it perfect!



Best Table Topic Speaker       : Chelsi Xiao

Best Role-taker                            : Dennis Wen

Best Stylish Awards

Congrats to Katrina Guo and Ethan Jiang to win Best Stylish Awards!


—-This review written by our members in PSTMC—-

Michael Lee\Ethan Jiang\Yajun Zhang\Jevon Sun\Williem Cahyadi



President:Williem Cahyadi

VPPR: Lynn Tang

VPE: Lois Lau

VPM: Jennifer Lee

Secretary: Mavis Fang

Treasurer:Ding Kang

SAA: Katrina Guo

PS: 随着信息平台的发展,移动智能终端和微博,微信等微元素在我们日常生活中扮演的角色越来越重要,我们PSTMC也与时俱进,以后的agenda及其他信息发布也将重心转移到更方便快捷的官方微信PS-TMC


PSTMC new officer July 2015

In previous year, PSTMC achieved DCP of 9, and accomplished President Distinguished Club! Really the benchmark Toastmasters Club in Shanghai or even in China, let’s give the officers’ team a big round of applause!

Now we are starting the new calendar year in Toastmasters, and we also have another super powerful officer’s team with so many talented boys and girls! Unbelievable? Let’s see together!

PSTMC new officer July 2015


Prisident: Cynthia Chen
Be brave to change!

P assistant: Megan Peng
Achieve excellence together!

VPE: Logan Tan
Leading by serving, learning by doing!

VPE assistant: Semy Gao
Little help makes difference!

VPE assistant: Joan Cui
Earnest to grow up together!

VPE assistant: Yajun Zhang
Ready to learn by doing!

VPE assistant: Jennifer Lee
Make friends with people!

VPM: Yuggy You
Be the best of whatever you are!

VPM assistane: Jessie Lee
Enjoy the journey of life!

VPPR: Rocky Shen
How big your heart is,
and how big the stage will be!

VPPR assistant: Ethan Jiang
Grow in happiness!

VPPR assistant: Meiyan Wang
To build a warm family!

VPPR assistant: Yvonne Dai
Let life be beautiful!

Secretary: Janet Yuan
Better club, better me!

Treasurer: Lois Lau
Keep the financial sustainability!

SAA: Bonnie Zhuang
Provide an enjoyable environment!

SAA assistant: Yajun Zhang
Ready to learn by doing!


Let’s work altogether to realize the vision——Be the benchmark club in China!

Support Each Other,
Achieve Excellence!

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Guest: 30(学生凭证件半价)