Incoming President’s Thank-You Letter

My dear friends,

Last night, Tuesday, is my father’s birthday. However, I can’t have supper with him since I have you, my another family to be with.

When I received all of your SMS, phone to support me to be the next president of PSTMC, when I see your expectation from your eyes, I was deeply moved.

As I said in speech, we PSTMC is a big ship, bears dreams of young people. President is like a Captain, looking ahead and setting the direction of the ship. My vision is to support all of you to be a Captain yourself, no matter on your job, on your relationship or on your life journey.

Thank you, Franklin, Joy, Neil, Magan, Tommy, Thompson, Cynthia, Winnie, Sean. Fortunately, I have you guys to support me to achieve this goal. You are my first mate, seamen.

Thanks to Roawin, Spike, Emily, Xiaoxiao, Joe, Michelle and our senior members. We are on your shoulders to achieve excellence.

Thanks to Ben, I received yoursupport with silence.

Thanks to Samuel, your sms give me power.

Thanks to Andrew, we may have more cooperation in future to create really good education project for our members.

I’m the one to support you to realize your dream on our big ship.

Follow me, let’s begin our journey.

Regards, Jolie Hu

Shanghai People’s Square Toastmasters Club

PSTMC New Officer Team 横空出世啦!

New Officer Team (EXCOM)

President: Jolie Hu
Associate President: Franklin Zhang
VP of Education: Joy Jia
VP of Membership: Neil Gao
VP of Public Relations: Megan Peng
Secretary: Tommy Feng
Treasurer: Cynthia Chen
Sergeant-at-arms: Thompson Tuo

Congratulations to all of you!

The new officer team will be on board on 1st, July. Now, let us extend our best wishe to the incoming new team!

Wish them to bring more dynamism and vitality to PSTMC!

Wish them to elevate PSTMC’s influence to a new height!

Wish them to make a stronger team who is the driver of the PSTMC  ship named “Excellence”!

Dear all, let us spare no efforts to contribute more to this splendid team and make things happen!

People Square Toastmasters Club Rocks!

Agenda of PSTMC Meeting(25th, May)

Time Session or Role Duration Role Taker
18:30-19:09 Registration/Greeter   Winnie Long
19:10-19:12 President’s Opening 1’-2’ Roawin Law CC
19:13-19:15 Toastmaster of the Evening 1’ Roawin Law CC
Timer 1’ Sean Zhang TM
19:21-19:43 Table Topics        (1’-2’ each) 20’-22’ Spike Gu ACS/ALB
19:44-19:50 Table Topics Evaluation 5’-6’ Linda Ma CC
19:51-20:01   10’  
20:02-20:42 Officer position   Candidates
President 2’-3’ ×2 Franklin Zhang (Jolie Hu)
VP of Education 2’-3’  X2 Joy Jia (Neil Gao)
VP of Membership 2’-3’ X2 Tommy Feng (Zhang Lin)
VP of Public Relations 2’-3’  X2 Thompson Tuo (Megan Peng)
Secretary 2’-3’ TBC
Treasurer 2’-3’ TBC
Sergeant-at-arms 2’-3’ TBC
20:43-20:44 Timer report 1’ Sean Zhang TM
20:45-20:50 General Evaluation 4’-5’ Michelle Lv CC/CL
20:51-20:52 One Minute Silence 1’ Roawin Law CC
20:53-20:58 Let Guests Talk                      (30’’ each) 4’-5’ Winnie Long TM
20:59-21:02 Outing & Toastie Promotion 2’-3’ Franklin Zhang / Megan Peng
21:03-21:06 Awards and Meeting Closing 2’-3’ Roawin Law CC



“Someone has well said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road.” — Robert Updegraff, business counselor