People’s Square TMC Humorous Contest

Lost of members joined yesterday’s Toastmasters humorous Contest, the competition is so fierce.

Let’s See the Warriors List.


Our players:

Emily Zhu

Sing out

Let’s see how a girl who used to be out of tune sings out.

Franklin Zhang

Climb the mountain Everest in me

Franklin likes climbing mountain.  But it is Everest in him, how did he conquer it?

Luna Zhu

Eating Queen

A lively girl enjoys delicious food.

Mark Shaw

Do you know a poor guy?

Mark would grow as a rich man.

Roawin Law

Why English?

Roawin just win the Chinese TT table topic Champion, how about her English?

Spike Gu

Mr. Last Minute

Not too early, not too late. Just last minute!


How did they rock the audiences?

Let’s check the contest video.

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