PSTMC new officer July 2015

In previous year, PSTMC achieved DCP of 9, and accomplished President Distinguished Club! Really the benchmark Toastmasters Club in Shanghai or even in China, let’s give the officers’ team a big round of applause!

Now we are starting the new calendar year in Toastmasters, and we also have another super powerful officer’s team with so many talented boys and girls! Unbelievable? Let’s see together!

PSTMC new officer July 2015


Prisident: Cynthia Chen
Be brave to change!

P assistant: Megan Peng
Achieve excellence together!

VPE: Logan Tan
Leading by serving, learning by doing!

VPE assistant: Semy Gao
Little help makes difference!

VPE assistant: Joan Cui
Earnest to grow up together!

VPE assistant: Yajun Zhang
Ready to learn by doing!

VPE assistant: Jennifer Lee
Make friends with people!

VPM: Yuggy You
Be the best of whatever you are!

VPM assistane: Jessie Lee
Enjoy the journey of life!

VPPR: Rocky Shen
How big your heart is,
and how big the stage will be!

VPPR assistant: Ethan Jiang
Grow in happiness!

VPPR assistant: Meiyan Wang
To build a warm family!

VPPR assistant: Yvonne Dai
Let life be beautiful!

Secretary: Janet Yuan
Better club, better me!

Treasurer: Lois Lau
Keep the financial sustainability!

SAA: Bonnie Zhuang
Provide an enjoyable environment!

SAA assistant: Yajun Zhang
Ready to learn by doing!


Let’s work altogether to realize the vision——Be the benchmark club in China!

Support Each Other,
Achieve Excellence!

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