[Review] #625# Be professional 2016/7/12

This meeting was kicked off by our beautiful elegant lady Paradee. Though it was also her last TM meeting in Shanghai, Paradee did a great job as TME and left us a professional and warm impression. To give her a surprise, we prepared a personalized gift – a notebook with our signatures and wishes to her. We hoped she would enjoy her life in Thailand.

Three Angels

Jessica Feng-first time to be timer
Mavis Fang- Ah Counter
Rebecca Chen- Grammarian, The word of the day “Uplifting”

Table Topic Master Joyce Qiao

As always, Joyce prepared some great questions for this meeting.
•Her first question is “Who do you like to cooperate with in your company?”
Ten years ago, Lin Zhang believed the person with same value, team spirit and always thinks for others could be the right person. But now, after he gained much more experience, he realized that life was not perfect and full of surprise. So now he believes all types of person would be okay, because he has become a better person. The speech was short but have deep thoughts, no wonder Lin won the best table topic speaker.

• Second question: What is the most important factor in your career development?
Our guest Helen thinks challenges are a must for her as a fresh new graduate. She wants to learn from her friends and colleagues to grow as much as possible.

• Third question: How do you define professionalism?
Our new member, also an awesome mother Sherry Xie, shared with us a mistake she did in a training due to lack of preparation. Therefore, in her eyes, being professional means getting well prepared.

• Fourth question:Do you thin we always need to be professional at work?
Our guest Yafeng is a doctor. So she always plays an professional image at work, which helped her a lot to be trusted.

• Fifth question: What do you think of personality and professionalism?
Our club’s sweet heart Ammie Jiang thought in work place, we should learn to get rid of some of our characters to be more professional.

• Sixth Question: When there is a conflict between flexibility and professionalism, what do you do? Guest Stephanie believed we learned to find the balance between them.

• Seventh Question: What’s your plan to be professional?
Donnica will set clear goal so that she would be more professional.

Prepared Speech:

Sherry recently read a book called “The little girl at the window”, she learned how to be a good parent. She shared with us about two stories in the book about the school headmaster and the little kid Toto. She also linked back to her own story about her little baby being put lots of milk powder in her face by her sister. Sherry was scared and angry at sister at first. But later on she found out that sister was just worried that the baby was hungry. Great story telling and aroused some deep thinking.

Katrina shared with us her drinking story with her colleague. She used great body languages and vocal variety to let us know the conversation with her drunk colleague. Through her colleagues’ bad behavior after drinking, she reminded all of us to be more careful with drinking.

Lois Lau briefed us a brilliant idea. On Sep 27, there would be special meeting organized by Lois and Logan. The meeting theme is about your last speech, imagine you will have the last speech in your life, what would that be. Everyone will be able to have the chance to speak, and take different roles. If you are interested, find them.

Steven Shen shared with us a heart-broken story about his best friend. His handsome, rich best friend Terry always takes care of him like his brother. So they are very close. But when Terry was sentenced due to corruption, Steven could not believe it. He went to the court hearing but the guard did not let him in. Through the hole in the wall, he saw his handsome, rich best friend was no longer have that stunning look but crying and regret. Steven wanna tell us your desire of power and money could be out of control,please learn to cherish your family and friends.


Jessie praised Sherry’s confidence, body language and personal story on the stage, and she suggested Sherry to have a better time management. Jennifer evaluated Katrina’s pause, role play, and she believed it was a great P6 speech. Ethan Jiang liked Lois’ PPT and clear communication, and he suggested her to have more emphasis on giving the audience why. Chelsi gave Steven a new title “Drama King”, she felt complex emotions in Steven’s speech with climax and conflicts. She suggested Steven to use flashback skill to lift his speech.