[Review] #626# Emotional Management2016/7/19

The theme of the meeting
Emotional Management
Word of the day
Tolerant, intolerant, tolerate, tolerance
The orange girl SAA, Katrina Guo kicked off the meeting and welcomed all audience, with her warm smile and delicious fruit.
TME and three helpers
TME Steven Shen warmed up by joking about his tiger wife. Dubbed as “talking machine” in the club, Steven used his unique style to introduce speakers and role takers. His excellent performance demonstrated the enthusiastic Toastmasters spirit. His three helpers, cute timer Rebecca Chen, elegant Ah-counter Ashlee Sun, and fresh super star Grammarian Jevon Sun, introduced their roles respectively.
Table Topic session
As TTM of the meeting, former VPM Jessie Lee explained the theme and told us her story about how she managed the emotions. What do you think about the Emotional Management? The emotional girl Roye explained how she was emotional in life and rational in work. Other table topic speakers Nicole, Gabriella, Lynn, Stephie shared their stories and opinions around emotional management. The Best TT award went to Roye, congratulations!
New member induction
In the first exciting new member induction held in this term, fresh VPM Jennifer Lee introduced three new members, Karla, a university student; Hansen, a young man whose zodiac sign is Cancer; and Nicole, an entrepreneur. At the same time, their mentors, Lois, Steven and Logan altogether witnessed the rite and gave their best wishes. Look forward to their brilliant toastmaster journey!
Sharing Session
Our superstar Lois presented a fantastic sharing about how to give effective feedback. She used a special visual aid–a note book with her vivid drawings to illustrate how to give feedback and what makes a feedback effective. An effective feedback can unleash potential and lead to high performance. Fabulous sharing!!
Prepared Speech session
Walking in the heavy rain P2 by Donnica Qing
Donnica Qing vividly described a story about walking in the heavy rain in a recent club outing. She encouraged the audience to do one thing a time, which is an effective method to boost efficiency. Her evaluator Katrina praised her vivid and detailed description of the story.
Speak up for yourself, P5 by Sonia
Some talented people have never become successful due to the lack of self-promotion. Sonia introduced this idea through her travel story, and then encouraged everyone to speak up for themselves. IE Logan praised her straight standing posture on the stage. He suggested that if she could pay more attention to eye contact and open hand gestures, the speech would be better.
I am emotional, P10 by Roye
I am emotional. During her P10 speech, Roye burst into tears a few time during her speech, and her touching love story brought tears to the eyes of the audience. Although the ending of the story is heart-breaking, she has never regretted to be emotional. Live now and be who you are. Thank you, Roye, your outstanding speech and natural style on the stage let us see another side of you, emotional and tender, resilient and brave! Also congratulations to you on finishing your CC journey!
Her IE Chelsi also became emotional when she evaluated Roye’s speech. She didn’t want to follow the manual to give feedback since Roye was a great public speaker of her own style, not typical Toastmasters style. She spoke highly of her talent to get the audience fully engaged into her story, and her uncarved and natural speech style. The only suggestion was to rehearse more to better control the emotions.
Imperfect perfection, A4 by Rocky
In his advanced speech, Toast Monster Rocky, dramatically shared his experience of applying the position of district contest chair in this spring. An excellent speaker delivered an amazing speech and basically he was playing the audience’ feeling, taking us ups and downs like a roller coaster, as his IE our president Williem said. When it came to suggestions, Williem told Rocky:” Rocky, your cry was unconvincing. When men get angry, instead of crying, they turn to furious physical movements such as hitting the table.” Steven commented that would look like KingKong. LOL 

What a wonderful evening with so many emotional speakers and their touching stories! Thank you all for your great efforts making this meeting so successful!!