[Review] #627# Exit Comfort Zone 2016/7/26

This meeting review was written by our VPPR Lynn Tang.

#627#ThemeExit the Comfort Zone

The word of the day: instinctive

President Opening and warmup session

What is the relationship between toastmasters and dentist? “People’s Square TMC president Williem opened the meeting with a very interesting question. The fact is the first toastmaster meeting was held by a dentist called Ralph C. Smedley. What a Great take-away from the toastmaster history!

Since it was a joint meeting, IMAGINE acting president Stacie Xia, VPPR of the club, was invited to introduce IMAGINE, which is a young club with endless passion and creativity. IMAGINE is currently the only club in Shanghai, perhaps in the country too, that provides 2 regular meetings a week plus a bi-weekly Sunday Life event.

The two presidents held a warmup activity called small talks, in which the audience mingled to talk with each other on the topic of self-introduction and you are what you wear. It was a fresh practice that was brought by IMAGINE to People Square to level up audience involvement. Amazing, isn’t it?


The Toastmasters of the Evening were two beautiful and elegant ladies, Sherry from People’s Square TMC and Nancy from Imagine. Their introduced the theme and made transitions from one speaker to another smoothly. Thumbs up for their professional hosting!

Table Topic:

Kai, the president of Imagine held a creative and entertaining table topic session. All the questions pushed speakers to step out of their comfort zone.

#1 what is your dream?  Semy Gao

She wants to be happy and take happiness to others

#2 Mirror, Mirror, who is the most beautiful girl in the room? Steven Shen

In Steven’s eyes, Lois is the most beautiful girl. Whenever she stands on the stage, she shines the whole room.

#3  Want to kiss me Lin Zhang

Lin Zhang was asked to persuade Lois to kiss him. He asked Lois straight away:” Do you want to kiss me? Don’t answer right now. Think about it and tell me later.” LOL

#4  Sing a song.      Hard & Jevon

They sang a song –<take me to your heart> ,“Hiding from the rain and snow; Trying to forget but I won’t let go; Looking at a crowded street; Listening to my own heart beat…..” All the people were touched by this song and sang together.

#5  Enough excuses, I’ll do it. What will you do?  Michelle

She started to join Toastmasters Club since her daughter went abroad for studying and she knows learning vocabulary is important to express what she want to say.

#6  Mama, I’ll go to Africa. Vince& Li Cheng

Vince dreamed to volunteer in Africa, but his “ tiger Mama” stopped him from pursuing his dream. Finally, he was persuaded by his Mother to stay at home.

#7  Interview: I want to be a farmer.

Ethan, a handsome guy with the fast-learning ability, wants to be a farmer. He thinks that love can make everything perfect.

#8  You idiot, you’re fired.  Steve & Kai-Marcel Dodel

Steve was given a daunting task to fire a disobedient employee who was late five times last month. When Steve (the manager) and Kai(the employee) played the drama, it seemed like Kai was the boss. J

 Prepared Speech

Demi Guo

    To believe, then to prove, we can achieve our dreams. Edison, Wright brothers failed hundreds times, but they never gave up. They made their dream come true and changed people’s life. If we don’t believe ourselves, who can?

Anne Wang

Anne wrote down 100 dreams and picked one; She listed 100 action plans and picked one. The action plan was to look at strangers’ eyes for a minute. Anne kept looking at the people around. Finally she can see something in you, the emotion/environment/education style/physical pains in one minute. Sounds magical? That’s true. You also can do it! 


DK is the expert in IT, but he used to be afraid of speaking in the public. After joining in People’s Square TMC, he is always trying to do everything that he’s not good at and move forward. Everyone has his own shortcomings, but remember to have the courage to move forward.

Lois Lau

There is something in you. If polished, we can become a diamond. Not only does the super stage of the contest offer us a platform to shine, but also we can meet more members and masters in Toastmasters.

       Let’s join the contest to transform from a rock to a diamond!

Birthday Celebration

  • Yajun held birthday celebration for the members and guests who were born in July. All the people in the room gave them the best wishes.


This part was hosted by Jevon, a guy with passion and positive energy all the time. He led a very high-level evaluation team with Ethan, Williem, Olivia and Vince, as well as the three helpers Ah-counter Stacie, Timer Karla and Grammarian Steve. Their evaluation were specific and aim-oriented. They encouraged all the speakers to move forward and gave constructive feedbacks. In general evaluation, Jevon praised on mutual learning from the organizing of this joint meeting and thanked all prepared speakers, role takers and officer teams of both clubs for their great efforts, which made this meeting high quality and successful.


Best table topic speaker—Steven

Best role taker-Kai

Best evaluator- Olivia

Best prepared speaker- Lois

The meeting was adjourned by PSTMC president Williem and Imagine president Kai together. Thank you all for this wonderful and exciting evening!