[Review] #628# Summer Holiday 2016/8/2

The meeting review was written by our beautiful girl Jessie Lee.

This summer is hot while our meetings are cool!
Hours before the meeting, our beautiful SAA had sent pictures of delicious food and fruits which were also beautiful in the wechat group. You see~ People can’t wait to join in yeah.
“Is there anyone who has never made mistakes?”“No.”Most people answered, while there was someone said :“My wife.” Haha~ He must be a good husband. Our president, Williem emphasized that Toastmasters is a safe place to make mistakes. We can’t agree more, people here ‘help each other, achieve excellence!’
Who was that girl in summer? Yes, in summer. The TME girl, Mavis, she just came back from Israil, she was wearing a summer T-shirt with ‘summer’ on it. She invited us to have a taste on “summer holiday.” To plan a summer holiday, we need budget controller, good manner helper and an expert, they were our timer Janet, ah-counter Karla, and grammarian Williem. The grammarian brought us an idiom——“rain-check”.Do you know what does it mean? The baseball game will be cancelled if there is a rain, so it takes a rain-check.
After planning, our TTM Semy brought us to enjoy the summer holiday together. People enjoyed it, I think that’s why she got the best role taker of the meeting. What’s your most unforgettable summer holiday? What’s your favorite sports in summer? If you have a one-month summer holiday with salary, what will you do? What do you like to eat in summer holiday?……Weren’t these questions luring you? Having happy~ holidays with high~ salary…… The answers were more attractive. Rocky shared his relax summer holiday before the college entrance, playing with friends, travelling, and with good news of “high score”. This time, the German guy Markus, also learned “calm heart keeps you cool”——“心静自然凉”. He is serving a company which provides delicious food, he always takes food with him, he looks healthy and he eats healthy. Starry, our coming new member, he is an active guy who likes all kinds of sports. Especially, he shared his favorite sports in summer——rock climbing, though he felt frustrated at the beginning, he didn’t give up. After learning and practicing, he finally got to the top of the wall. His experience also inspired us, Toastmasters, what you need is just learning, practice and some patience. Congratulations to him winning the best table topic speaker.
In the prepared speeches, Pretty girl Jessica took us back to the time of her school, from a naughty girl who could make her teacher angry, lost weight for a boy to a grown-up, she still thought these days happy and cherished them.
Evaluator Lynn compared a good speech with the body of a person, opening, body and conclusion. She confirmed that the speech has complete structure. If the speech could focus on one story and make the conclusion stronger, it would be better.
Jevon told us the stories when he was always running and late for the train, for the plane. That time he blamed traffic jam and others, and took tardiness acceptable. It’s part of his life. After being laughed at in the gathering, he began to think of the problem and he realized the key was his own attitude. He determined to be an organized man. When your attitude change, your action becomes to change. Now he gets things ready the day before, how about you? Let’s say goodbye to tardiness.
Evaluator Ethan liked Jevon’s speech, the message was clear and he had various facial expressions, gestures and movements on the stage. He also gave some tips for the improvement.
Katrina shared us the stories of her childhood. She even called back home to check the existence of her childhood. Her experience in childhood like she liked eating candies and had a big mouth linked to her current state like her vocation.
Evaluator Roye gave a general critical evaluation. She mentioned that speakers need pay attention to the objective and the rehearsal. As in the high level speech, speakers need also present the professionalism.
Daniel delivered his advanced speech——a meaningful story. In the ancient time, there was no electricity. The blind monk used torch to give light for others, so he had never get himself hurt from bumping into others, while the smart guy did not want to share light, he was nearly eaten by animals. See~ Help others thus help yourself at the same time.
Evaluator Steven admitted that Daniel had real confidence and the vocal variety. He suggested that moving for purpose on the stage and using some imitation to amuse the audience.
Handsome GE Yajun, he encouraged a lot of role takers and led the audience to give them big hands. He also mentioned that some suggestions may frustrate you but help you see something you may ignore and provide the chance to improve.
Toastmasters is a safe place to make mistakes and to grow. Thank you for people who made the meeting successful, also like speakers didn’t mentioned above, our Greeter Anny Xing. Let’s help each other, achieve excellence and witness more and more DTMs. Guests, if you also like this place, come and join us then.