[Review]#623# Control Your Expense 2016/06/28


Word of the Day


Adi,任意的; 自由决定的; 酌情行事的; 便宜行事的

Having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment

Such as “More rich more discretionary”.


This theme of this meeting is “control your expense”. We all know it is not easy to become rich, and therefore we cherish our treasure. For our People Square Toastmaster Club, the most valuable treasure are our members, especially the officers who are devoting their time energy and energy to this club.  We cherish each other and support each other.

Let us see how we make the club even richer.


TME -toastmaster of evening.

Our fashion girl, Semy Gao, led this meeting as the Toastmaster of Evening. She is always so professional. She made transitions among sessions smoothly, and heightened the energy level of the atmosphere, which would otherwise go down.


TT – table topic

This session was held by Jevon SUN, a professional and passionate Table Topic Master. His questions were relavent to our daily life,. The audience can easy understand the questions and deliver their speech and express their value. Here I list the questions.

1. Do you like shopping online? Tell us one of your recent online shopping experience.

2. Some young people buy things on impulse. Are you this type of person? What is your view on impulsive purchase?

3. In your opinion, what is a wise investment?

4. Many girls are good at haggling about prices. Do you like bargaining with vendors? What techniques are required to be a good bargainer?

5. Do you have a saving plan?


Special session — Officer Installation

Since the first toastmaster term is closing off, the new officer team will be on board soon., We invited area director, Corry ZHOU, to host this Officer Installation. One by one , each officer took their oath and responsibility with the gavel down. We all together support each other and achieve excellence


Prepared Speech

1. P1: Who am I

Sherry XIE gave her ice break speech and surprised us a lot. A young mother with 3 girls, two of which are twins, still can find time to join toastmaster club. Through watching movie, she draws inspiring ideas. Even in the company’s meeting, in front of many people, she broke her struggling to rise hand and asked a question to her big boss- the president. In her daily life, she learned a lot, due to these. She becomes more confident and better. Wow! Another rising new star.


IE -individual evaluation

Michael LEE evaluated Sherry’s speech as more than p1 speech. The structure was clear: opening with a brief introduction; body including two stories; The endings inspired people. And her delivery was powerful and vivid. Also, she used 3 “ I’m” to show us the magic of parallel construction.


2. P3: The reason to stay

Ding Kang

To Leave or tostay is a common question in our lives. So is for us to decide on a toastmasters club. Over a 6-month support to officer team Dingkang fingered out 2problems that could weaken our club. One is the structure, another is personal inside problem. And he gave some suggestion to solve them: first, the officer team members support each other and build a channel between members and officers to help each other. As to the personal problem, please think out not just what we can get, but also what we can bring, to explore ourselves.

IE Jessie LEE

She evaluated that Dingkang’s speech title got to the point quietly. The topic was familiar to us, and organized well with analysis problem then giving suggestions, also inspiring all together work hard. Something can be improved is less the problems and find a more positive effect to encourage people to stay here.

3. P5: Who are you going to be

Vera LIU

Who you are? What are you going to be? Smart, handsome, rich, better person, better life, Vera firstly figureed out you may think too much, that is just you dream about it. Why say so, Vera told us the secret by giving us two stories. The secret is to accept the imperfect you, be yourself, be in you, find the real you, and enjoy yourself.


She evaluated that Vera did very well in body language, including warm smile, nature movement and gestures. Also, She had eye contacts with people all over the room. One suggestion was to make full use of the whole stage.

4. P10: You are here for a reason


He started his CC journey one year ago, over one year, he learned a lot. Once when he joined in the toastmaster meeting, he lied to his family, and said it’s due to overwork. He was shy of losing face in front of his wife. Once he struggled on speech content, once he hid what he had achieved in the Toastmaster. Through one year’s practice, and learning by doing, he improved step by step. Now he can generate ideas from his daily life, he can rehearsal in the front of his wife without embarrassment.  He also showed what he has done to his friends. Now one shy guy became a shining guy. He found the reason to stay here. Congratulation Yajun, you win back!

IE – Ethan JIANG

Ethan said this was Yajun’s best speech, because Yajun merged all speaking skills to this speech. Prepared well, good pronunciation, vocal variety, body language, and also the visual ads. His personal stories supported the key message and inspired all the audience.




General Evaluation and three helpers

GE – Lois LAU,

Grammarian – Cynthia CHEN

Ah Counter – Williem CAHYADI

Timer – Mavis FANG


Our champion Lois gave her serious evaluation humorously. Our professional president and SAA were required to open the meeting in a different way, and try something new. Our TME Semy won the high praise from Lois. Grammarian Cynthia got suggestion: use the whiteboard, and separate her report to vocal, grammar, pronounce will be better. Ah counter Williem, got suggestion: inspire more people with his report. And for timer Mavis, Lois told all the audience to pay attention to the timer, or else timer will kill you. Other role takers also did quite well, that is why we can have a fancy meeting.



The best role taker is Jevon SUN. Jessica won the best table topic.. The best speaker went to Vera LIU.

Congratulations to all the prepared speakers, what you bring to our club, also make our club richer.

Here you will find who you are, what are you going to be, the reason to stay. And you are here for the reason.

——This review is written by Jennifer Lee, Jeff Chen—————–