[Review]#624#The Road You Want to Go 2016/7/5

This was the first meeting that new officers showed up.

The theme of the meeting is “the road you want to go”, which simply means making choices.

Toastmaster of the Evening Dingkang kicked off the meeting by quoting a famous saying “all roads lead to Rome”, which tells us the relationship between choice and purpose.

Our president Williem told us making a choice is all about choosing what you love and loving your choices.

Another distinguished guest shared his thought about this theme. Don’t regret and don’t look back when you finally make a decision.


Sharing Session

Special sharing was delivered by VPM Assistant Virginia who loves basketball.

She brought us about “your life purpose”

First purpose of life: be happy

Second purpose of life: the big question—why are you here

She also shared her story and some tips about how to achieve our life purpose.


Prepared speech session

Rebecca Chen told us an interesting story about her and her in-laws. She wanted us to know that we should balance our gains and losses.

Katrina Guo told us a funny story about her boss and colleagues to show that we should never get drunk.

Michael Lee shared with us about his personal story and his favorite idol in investment—Warren Buffett. It seems that he has got a lot of stuff from Buffett.

Finally it’s our big star Rocky Shen who briefly introduced his new education project. After his introduction, I believe a lot of people have been inspired and they would take action immediately.


Evaluation Session

In the evaluation session, evaluators gave some practical suggestions to our prepared speakers.

Jessie’s suggestion to Rebecca is to share more about herself in her first speech.

Steven suggested that Katrina had better made her point clear in her speech.

Semy suggested Michael to give more examples in his speech. It would be more attractive to the audience in that way.

Zunfeng advised rocky to make some highlights on his education program.

What a wonderful meeting we had!


—–This meeting review was written by Ethan Jiang and Jevon Sun—–