How to Inspire Your Audience,Training Sharing by Gabor Holch

Every month, we invite some senior members in Toastmasters to give us some training about leadership or Public Speech skills, this month we invited Gabor Holch gave us a training about how to inspire your audience.

Here are some key points to help you understand the sharing:

from Nika’s Blog

1) Go with the flow

Go with the flow, look up in dictionary, it means

1. 随大流2. 追随生活中各种经历

In Gabor’s speech, in my understanding is what you like, what you are passionate about.

for example, my flow is cooking ( by Peter). my flow is smile

// Only you are passionate about the topic, you can inspire your audience!

2) invite a guru

guru , teacher , leader, expect. It is said a popular word.

for example, Steve Job is recognised as the guru of the IT.

// the influence of a guru is amazing. so if you find a guru on your tapic, it will be more acceptable

3) Mobilize

In my understanding, mobilize means you should active your topic, make it alive, connect with your audience.

All in all, one inspiration speech is something you do want to share with the audience and make their life or work more meaningful.

How do effective presentations

我们俱乐部经常会邀请一些Toastmasters资深人士来做一些分享。这次299次万圣节特别会议上,Education VP Team邀请了Samuel来做一个如何更好的做好Presentation的演讲。


Samuel is the finalist China District Toastmasters English Speech Contest
May 2009, Founding President & Sponsor of Shanghai 5A+ Toastmasters club,
Founding President of Shanghai 5C+ Toastmasters Club, Sponsor of Shanghai
Toastmasters Xu Jia Hui Club & Shanghai Bi-lingual Humor Toastmasters Club


He will share with us how to get rid of your pause fillers and improve on
your body languages?

很多会员如果错过了此次分享。PR Team为大家准备了录像。