Joint Meeting with Changsha Club(11th,May)

    Excited as I was, this meeting was a kind of creative product! I could not help but feeling “high” as I was finally able to invite my hometown’s toastmasters club to People Square Toastmasters Club and pleased to see the first joint meeting since I joined!

    One of the best things this evening was that we had two Presidents play the master of the evening and there was no doubt that this was sure to be the shiniest meeting because of the two most beautiful girls!

    Jolie has made an excellent TME by appropriate introductions of every role, little humor and grace.

    Though I did not make the 2010 Spring Conference, I still had the opportunity to hear what Roawin, President of PSTMC shared. This special sharing broadened my horizon and enriched my knowledge with regards to Toastmaster Conference. I cannot thank you enough for your selfless sharing!

    Though we had only two speakers in the meeting, they are really marvelous! Spike from People Square Toastmasters Club, picked up his C1 speech again in a traditional 3-point manner. The best and perhaps the most memorable moments for me was his opening and ending as he played a little game which created some connections with the audience. In this way, the audience can listen to the speaker more attentively. Spike, “You are really passionate!”

    The second speech was delivered by Sandy from Changsha No.1 Toastmasters Club. It was her C5 speech and the objective is “Your body speaks!” I would like to say this was a really “body-speaking speech” as Sandy used gestures every moment! The truth was it was not only her body spoke, but also her face spoke! She depicted a funny yet a little bit embarrassing story which created so much laughter. I love this speech so much! Expectedly, she won the best speaker this evening!

    I was not only grateful for People Square Toastmasters Club giving me the rare chance meeting with my town fellows, more because the two clubs chaired a wonderful meeting which benefited me.

    Thank YOU! Let us look forward to our next joint meeting with CAT on 18th, May!


What an Amazing Evening(30th, Mar.)

Everything in this meeting was excellent. TME, guests, audience, speakers, evaluators used every opportunity to show their dedication and commitment to helping the club members to achieve excellence which creates the benchmark club in Shanghai! 

   TME used humourous and entertaining language usage and gestures pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

   “Special Sharing” from Marc Hong was focues on “Law of Attraction” to tell us a magic which is “I attract to myself, my life and business, whatever I give my attentionm energy and focus to, whether negative or positive.” It was such a coincidence that I read a few books on this topic and I think it works!

    C1 speaker, the new comer, Phoenix Feng shared with us his true personal stories which is really encouraging. He told us never give up, no matter what the situation is.

    C3 speaker, Cynthia Chen, made her C3 speech again! A touching story of her. She finally got what she wanted! Congratulations!

    C4 speaker, the immediate past President, Spike Gu, acted as a professor in Philosophy and proposed a series of questions to make us make a decision in dilemmas. It is the most inspiring and provoking for me in the evening. I personally love it best!

    Each evaluator voiced his/her opinions and gave valuable advice and suggestions to speakers, benefiting each one in the meeting.

    Thanks a lot! PSTMC! It was my first day joinging in and you offered me such a great opportunity to convey my happiness to all those who care about us and are interested in us. 

    PSTMC, we will make it happen!

PSTMC会员在AF Special Meeting上的出色表现

2009年6月6日,Amazing Friday俱乐部在四川北路群众影剧院举办了一场500人共同参加的”闯与创”Toastmasters Meeting,这场Meeting创下了Toastmasters历史上参与人数的纪录. 以Meeting参与人数众多且会员多才多艺而出名的PSTMC当然也要在这场会议中好好表现一番.

受到AF俱乐部的邀请,PSTMC与AFTMC合作,在本次会议中呈现了一个爆笑,幽默,讽刺现实,立意深刻的小品.剧中,Edgar Gong, Xiaoxiao Sun, Peter Wan, Joe He, Jessica Yao以及Emma Li都有出色的表现.Joe He与Jessica Yao饰演一对情侣.Jessica Yao背的蛇皮袋上写着两个很大的字:”LV”.

Joe He摆了一个特别大的架势,然后大吼一声:”功夫熊猫”! 雷倒场下一片~Edgar Gong把一个暴发户的儿子更是饰演的维妙维肖,他说,”世界上有两种帅,一种是民工帅,还有一种是真的帅.他是真的帅~!”
Peter Wan和Xiaoxiao Sun饰演的Jessica Yao的父母.
Peter对Edgar说:”我要两辆宝马,中间悍起来,变成悍马!” Xiaoxiao说:”我要房子!要上面一套,下面一套,左边一套,右边一套,前面一套,后面一套,全部都打通!”
Emma Li作为配音,用她的家乡话陕西方言将整个小品的旁白部分演绎的风趣幽默,台下笑声不断.
Jessica Yao饰演的女主角最终选择了Joe He扮演的”功夫熊猫”,Edgar扮演的”真的帅”因为害怕猪流感而逃之夭夭.
另外,PSTMC的四位辩手Phoebe Chen, Zhang Lin, Kelly Peng, Roawin Law与AF的辩论队的精彩对质让辩论赛高潮迭起,掌声雷动.Phoebe Chan作为一辩,伶牙俐齿,将我方支持观点”年轻人事业起步应该选择外企而不是民营企业”说得头头是道.
Zhang Lin一句”XX,你不认为外企将你踢出大门不正是对你的挫折教育吗?”将对方辩友说的哑口无言,台下笑声一片.
Kelly Peng用铁证如山的数据与事实证明了,年轻人在外企比在民营企业受到的培训与锻炼机会更多.

Roawin Law的一句:”为了中华民族的崛起,我们宁愿加班,我们宁愿做外企的熊猫!”让她成为了整场比赛的最佳辩手.


除了小品和辩论赛的精彩表现,PSTMC的Jessica Yao,作为Toastmasters全国中文演讲比赛的冠军,给大家献上了她的获奖作品<征服自己>.身穿运动服,背着运动包的 Jessica Yao用她丰富的body language和vocal variety等一系列演讲技巧以及真情实感告诉我们,”林妹妹也可以跑马拉松.让我们征服自己就可以创造一切可能!”

本次活动,PSTMC的会员们给与了AFTMC很大的支持与帮助,AF本次的Special Meeting也获得了圆满成功.