Joint Meeting with Changsha Club(11th,May)

    Excited as I was, this meeting was a kind of creative product! I could not help but feeling “high” as I was finally able to invite my hometown’s toastmasters club to People Square Toastmasters Club and pleased to see the first joint meeting since I joined!

    One of the best things this evening was that we had two Presidents play the master of the evening and there was no doubt that this was sure to be the shiniest meeting because of the two most beautiful girls!

    Jolie has made an excellent TME by appropriate introductions of every role, little humor and grace.

    Though I did not make the 2010 Spring Conference, I still had the opportunity to hear what Roawin, President of PSTMC shared. This special sharing broadened my horizon and enriched my knowledge with regards to Toastmaster Conference. I cannot thank you enough for your selfless sharing!

    Though we had only two speakers in the meeting, they are really marvelous! Spike from People Square Toastmasters Club, picked up his C1 speech again in a traditional 3-point manner. The best and perhaps the most memorable moments for me was his opening and ending as he played a little game which created some connections with the audience. In this way, the audience can listen to the speaker more attentively. Spike, “You are really passionate!”

    The second speech was delivered by Sandy from Changsha No.1 Toastmasters Club. It was her C5 speech and the objective is “Your body speaks!” I would like to say this was a really “body-speaking speech” as Sandy used gestures every moment! The truth was it was not only her body spoke, but also her face spoke! She depicted a funny yet a little bit embarrassing story which created so much laughter. I love this speech so much! Expectedly, she won the best speaker this evening!

    I was not only grateful for People Square Toastmasters Club giving me the rare chance meeting with my town fellows, more because the two clubs chaired a wonderful meeting which benefited me.

    Thank YOU! Let us look forward to our next joint meeting with CAT on 18th, May!


Do You Want To Be Motivated?

  Every person has motivations to do whatever they like. In this evening, what they like was coming to People Square Toastmasters Club! There came a lot of members and guests with different motivations. Some were motivated by their passion to listen to different stories, like me; Some came here because they were motivated by their peer, like Ben’s six friends; Some people were motivated by their responsibility as officers to improve the wellbeing of Toastmasters Club in Shanghai region, like our senior guest, Samuel, to name just a few.

  In “Special Sharing” session, as motivated by his desire to improve the wellbeing of People Square Toastmasters Club, Samuel shared with us his “Standard Operation Process” in global toastmasters club in which he redefined different responsibilities of different role takers and pointed out several aspects that we can do better. The enlightening session has shifted our focus to the front line(speakers) to the backend organizers(officers) and provided us with many tips to better organize our meetings! With his help, we believe we will take a step forward on the way of self-improvement and perfection!

  Two speakers, with such a sharp contrast in terms of their mode of thinking, style as well as contents delivered C1 and C3 speeches respectively. Oscar, the king of the evening, shared with his male peers quite a few tips on how to chase a girl, how to maintain a positive and stable harmounious relations between each other in a “high” way. His “high” spirit induced laughters everywhere in the meeting room and earned him the best speaker in the evening! While Joy, a very tender lady, lectured on “Pyramid Principle” which I happened to read several month ago. She used “Elevator Test” introducing the “MECE” principle(mutually exclusive, completely exhaustive) which is proposed by McKinsey and widely used in consulting field. We all listened to her tentatively with full contentration and curiosity and after her speech, I have been able to use a more logical way to express myself.

  “Table Topic” session is always the most popular session as it always attacts a lot of guests to participate. This time was not an exception, too! Six members and guests actively set themselves on the stage and performed a wonderful show!

  The meeting ended with contentment and pleasure as we not only learned how to deal with relations and how to sell proposal with “MECE” principle, we also attracted two more new members(Oscar Kwun and Megan Peng) to our club by “Law of Attraction”!

  Let us welcome Oscar Kwun and Megan Peng again and wish them all the best in the club!