Foster New Relationship in PSTMC

Relations of various kind affect every facets of our everyday life. That is why we chose “relationship” as the theme of our meeting this week. Because without good relationship with people around us, how can we enhance our communications skills and achieve excellence?

I would like to say our TME-Roawin has done an excellent job by guiding us to play a small game in the beginning and in this way, we better understand how to foster relations, both physically and mentally.

The Special Sharing was what I enjoyed the most in the evening. Our professional trainer, Linda Ma delivered a “Sales Traning” to teach us how to sell our products and even ourselves. The opening, with some questions, got enthusiastic response from the audience and created great interactions. During the process, Linda designed “Role Play” so that every audience was involved in the training. And in the end, Linda shared with some simple and easy-to-remember sales tips and in this way, people can better digest and absorb. The whole session was educational and we all learned a great deal from it! Thanks, Linda!

Ben Dai as TTM proposed a series of questions regarding “relations”(including office relations, love relations, relations with parents) to the audience and five members and guests bravely shared with their stories and experiences. What was most impressive was Sam, a member from 5A+! He even depicted a plot on how he courageously confessed his love to his girl.

As for the prepared speeches, all are great speeches! Megan told the audience why she wanted to be back to Toastmasters Club; Bourne lectured on “Environment Protection” and our most distinguished Peter delivered a very humorous speech on his “Japanese Experience”.

Evaluators proposed various suggestions and advice to the speakers on how to inprove their speeches from different perspectives based on their different experiences. They are the most lovely people as without them, how can we enhance our communication skills?

The award ceromony was the most expected every time. Sam got “The Most Impressive Table Topic Speaker”, Peter received “The Best Speaker” and Daniel got “The Best Evaluator”. Let us congratulate them!

Because of our passion, professionalism, and dedication, several guests decided to join us as a member on site! People Square Toastmasters Club ROCKS!

Do You Want To Be Motivated?

  Every person has motivations to do whatever they like. In this evening, what they like was coming to People Square Toastmasters Club! There came a lot of members and guests with different motivations. Some were motivated by their passion to listen to different stories, like me; Some came here because they were motivated by their peer, like Ben’s six friends; Some people were motivated by their responsibility as officers to improve the wellbeing of Toastmasters Club in Shanghai region, like our senior guest, Samuel, to name just a few.

  In “Special Sharing” session, as motivated by his desire to improve the wellbeing of People Square Toastmasters Club, Samuel shared with us his “Standard Operation Process” in global toastmasters club in which he redefined different responsibilities of different role takers and pointed out several aspects that we can do better. The enlightening session has shifted our focus to the front line(speakers) to the backend organizers(officers) and provided us with many tips to better organize our meetings! With his help, we believe we will take a step forward on the way of self-improvement and perfection!

  Two speakers, with such a sharp contrast in terms of their mode of thinking, style as well as contents delivered C1 and C3 speeches respectively. Oscar, the king of the evening, shared with his male peers quite a few tips on how to chase a girl, how to maintain a positive and stable harmounious relations between each other in a “high” way. His “high” spirit induced laughters everywhere in the meeting room and earned him the best speaker in the evening! While Joy, a very tender lady, lectured on “Pyramid Principle” which I happened to read several month ago. She used “Elevator Test” introducing the “MECE” principle(mutually exclusive, completely exhaustive) which is proposed by McKinsey and widely used in consulting field. We all listened to her tentatively with full contentration and curiosity and after her speech, I have been able to use a more logical way to express myself.

  “Table Topic” session is always the most popular session as it always attacts a lot of guests to participate. This time was not an exception, too! Six members and guests actively set themselves on the stage and performed a wonderful show!

  The meeting ended with contentment and pleasure as we not only learned how to deal with relations and how to sell proposal with “MECE” principle, we also attracted two more new members(Oscar Kwun and Megan Peng) to our club by “Law of Attraction”!

  Let us welcome Oscar Kwun and Megan Peng again and wish them all the best in the club!

What an Amazing Evening(30th, Mar.)

Everything in this meeting was excellent. TME, guests, audience, speakers, evaluators used every opportunity to show their dedication and commitment to helping the club members to achieve excellence which creates the benchmark club in Shanghai! 

   TME used humourous and entertaining language usage and gestures pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

   “Special Sharing” from Marc Hong was focues on “Law of Attraction” to tell us a magic which is “I attract to myself, my life and business, whatever I give my attentionm energy and focus to, whether negative or positive.” It was such a coincidence that I read a few books on this topic and I think it works!

    C1 speaker, the new comer, Phoenix Feng shared with us his true personal stories which is really encouraging. He told us never give up, no matter what the situation is.

    C3 speaker, Cynthia Chen, made her C3 speech again! A touching story of her. She finally got what she wanted! Congratulations!

    C4 speaker, the immediate past President, Spike Gu, acted as a professor in Philosophy and proposed a series of questions to make us make a decision in dilemmas. It is the most inspiring and provoking for me in the evening. I personally love it best!

    Each evaluator voiced his/her opinions and gave valuable advice and suggestions to speakers, benefiting each one in the meeting.

    Thanks a lot! PSTMC! It was my first day joinging in and you offered me such a great opportunity to convey my happiness to all those who care about us and are interested in us. 

    PSTMC, we will make it happen!

Amazing PSTMC!


PSTMC-Shanghai People’s Square ToastMasters Club,中文名叫“上海人民广场国际演讲俱乐部”,是一个很神奇的团体,具体我就不介绍了,可以参见其网站PSTMC

Ben从08年底加入这个团体,一直做到PRVP(Public Relationship Vice President),乃至Division的PR,看到他为之付出了很多也成长了很多,而且每次参加完会议我也能深切地感受到他的喜悦和获得感。

继上周感受了一场精彩的中文演讲比赛之后,昨天又享受了一场超值的语言盛宴——Table Topics Contest & International Speech Contest。

Table Topics就是英文即兴演讲,主持人现场问来宾问题,来宾就所问问题做1-2分钟的演讲,非常考验人的临场反应速度、心理稳定度和英语基本功,当然还有 Joe所说的运气。按照正常流程是每周有一个theme,问的问题都是和theme相关的,多少可以准备一下。但昨天是contest,所以参赛者事先都 是完全不知道问题是关于哪方面的,Contest Chair是来自上海另外一个TM俱乐部5A+的Anna Zhou,非常开朗非常有活力的一个女生,她给出的题目是“What do you expect most from The Expo 2010?”我当时设想了一下,要是我在上面,我会怎么回答呢?免费门票?看热闹?见识很多人?

就在我纠结的时候,第一位参赛者已经气势磅礴的讲完了,是俱乐部的前任主席Spike,姜毕竟是老的辣,人这么短的时间给出的答案是 “Change!”乖乖好嘛!这立意!我顿时就泪流满面,别说想不到,即使想到了还真不好讲!只见他啪啦啪啦一通下来,就好象事先准备了一样。我听了一 下,感觉还是基本功积累很扎实,经验丰富很重要,碰到不用讲得很具体的话题,如果平时有积累,也是可以充当万金油来使用的。


Joe的风格我很喜欢,他的答案是“To see what does the world look like”,很务实很亲切的一个答案,结合自己的故事:小时候的梦想——环游世界各地,现在的行动——购买了4张世博门票。听起来很充实而不乏激情。

最后出场的Roawain着实让我shock到了,套用前面用过的评语:简直就像事先准备好的!在那么短的时间里面,不仅有和观众的玩笑互动,而且有手势body language,充满激情,内容有传递出足够的message,事实上,我完全被她的气场震住了以至于内容到没有听得太仔细。后来中途休息的时候从Spike口中得知,原来该枚女生是去年全国的Table Topics冠军!

无意外的,Roawain获得了昨晚Table Topics Contest的冠军,第二名是Joe。

休息之后是另一场大餐——International Speech Contest,每人做5-7分钟的准备演讲。又是一番各显神通。

Franklin Zhang,一位英语老师,去年该项比赛的全国第三名,讲述了他从加入TMC到获奖的一个奋斗过程,印象最深的是他的似笑非笑的表情,很有喜感,让观众看上去就很放松很亲切很想笑,还有他的Plain English,没有华丽的词藻和复杂的语法,有的只是清楚的发音、停顿和简单易懂的句子,耳朵真的会不由自主的被他抓过去,他的演讲是我昨晚听得最全的或者说听懂最多的。

Joe(又是这个大个子!太强了~),不出意外的,又给了大家一个惊喜。题目就很吸引人“Ma Da Ma Da Da Ne”,大家都不知道什么意思,一开始就抓住了观众的注意力,接着用他一贯的激情幽默的 风格为大家解释,原来是日语里面“You are not good enough!”的意思,讲述了他在做了President之后要不要举手做Table Topics的一段纠结的心理过程,最后内心的声音告诉他:”Don’t be afraid to lose face, Ma Da Ma Da Da Ne”,他重新成为了每次第一个举手抢Table Topic的人。他的演讲我认为最主要的还是传递了一个很重要很有意思的Message-“Ma Da Ma Da Da Ne”,事实上这也是后来Peter点评的时候提到的演讲中很重要的一点——你是否向听众传递了一个明确的Message,在一年之后回忆今晚的这场演讲,你还会记得什么?是的,“Ma Da Ma Da Da Ne”,他做到了。可以预见,这个短语在PSTMC必火上一段时间!

此外,还有Body Language Queen——Emily Zhu的精彩表演,一个自主创业者Mark Shown的激情展示,目不暇接,不一一赘述,非到现场不能体会其妙。

整场比赛是由超级资深会员——幽默大师Peter Wan来点评的,我觉得他们说得没有错,Peter就是一站上台就能让你笑的那种人,偶像啊!嘿嘿,就是他说他的理想是有朝一日能够说一口流利的冷笑话。

Peter总结如何做好一个Table Topics的要点,跟我在纸上记录的几乎如出一辙:如果爹妈没有把你生得脑袋转得飞快,那就使用一些技巧来给自己赢得时间:Dear Memebers,Distinguished(Most welcomed) Guests,Dear contest Chair,What do I expect most from The Expo 2010?(Repeat the question and Stop, 15 seconds)What is your most expectation for The Expo 2010?(If you still don’t have an idea, ask the audience their answers!) OK, Now you got 30 seconds to think about your answer to the question!哈哈,太妙了!最后可以总结一下:Ladies and gentlemen,so my answer to this question is blahblah, back to the contest chair.万彼得真是讲出了大家的心声,太有用了!



我在想,下次要不要冲上去做个Table Topics呢?

How to Inspire Your Audience,Training Sharing by Gabor Holch

Every month, we invite some senior members in Toastmasters to give us some training about leadership or Public Speech skills, this month we invited Gabor Holch gave us a training about how to inspire your audience.

Here are some key points to help you understand the sharing:

from Nika’s Blog

1) Go with the flow

Go with the flow, look up in dictionary, it means

1. 随大流2. 追随生活中各种经历

In Gabor’s speech, in my understanding is what you like, what you are passionate about.

for example, my flow is cooking ( by Peter). my flow is smile

// Only you are passionate about the topic, you can inspire your audience!

2) invite a guru

guru , teacher , leader, expect. It is said a popular word.

for example, Steve Job is recognised as the guru of the IT.

// the influence of a guru is amazing. so if you find a guru on your tapic, it will be more acceptable

3) Mobilize

In my understanding, mobilize means you should active your topic, make it alive, connect with your audience.

All in all, one inspiration speech is something you do want to share with the audience and make their life or work more meaningful.