The Benchmark Orientation Dinner

People’s Square Toastmasters Club有一项传统的项目,就是Orientation Dinner, 具体形式就是3 4名新会员和3到4名老会员大家一起吃饭,交流如何在Toastmasters俱乐部中成长,这也是我们俱乐部的一项福利,因为新会员不仅可以从中获得知识和成长的经验,还能享受到免费的大餐。

pstmc_new member_dinner

MVP Emily安排的Orientation Dinner简直是完美。设计环节紧凑,我是第一次看到吃饭也能像Toastmasters会议流程一样安排精确到分钟。

** The agenda of this new member orientation dinner **
18:30-19:20 Socializing And Eating
19:20-19:35 Presidential welcome, self-introduction by every one (chaired by MVP)
19:35-19:40 Personal development in TMC (President EVP)
19:40-20:10 Meeting role introduction, including Q& A (President,EVP,MVP,Mentor)
20:10-20:20 Rest , Eating and proformance time for people who are late
20:20-20:50 Meeting role introduction(CTD), including Q& A (President,EVP,MVP,Mentor)
20:50-21:00 PSTMC website, Recourse and Activity (PRVP)
21:00-21:10 Mentoring system and Speech Contest (President,Mentor)
21:10-21:30 Q&A and comments of new members and Photos time(Chaired by MVP)



One sentence from Officers and Mentors:
Sophia   Never never give up!
RL         咱交了钱,要值亚
Emily     每一次上台都要对得起自己
Cindy     俱乐部是一个shareing的好地方,互相学习,还可以一起做游戏
Spike.    珍惜Stage time
Joe.       有啥事 找mentor
Ben.  在俱乐部是和过去的自己比成长,have fun.
One sentence from New Members:
Joseph,  感谢介绍TMC给我的老师,感谢以后会帮助我的mentor们
Enjoy     收获多少在于付出多少
WIlliam   在TMC能学到比我期望的多

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