The Benchmark Outing

The Benchmark Outing

As always, People Square Toastmaster makes every effort to be a benchmark club. Early December, they held an impressive trip successfully. More than 40 participants joined this trip, including guests from Amazing Friday as well as Ideal Toastmaster club.

The schedule was carefully designed in advance by PRVP team and Jesscia Wu, one of the most dedicated members in the club. It focused on specifically two parts, hot spring which is below the foot of Mountain Huang and the Village Hong where Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was shot.

The trip was extremely comfortable and everyone enjoyed a lot of fun. In the hot-spring, both indoor and outdoor were well equipped. You might drink some ginger tea, and have some chitchat with friends. However, bikini beauties as many people expected, were not available simply because it became dark very soon. The next day, the trip headed to the Village Hong. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the living style was definitely full of leisure. Most of people had a very deep impression on these beautifully historical architectures and wished never to leave.

All in all, feedback are positive and People Square will do its best continuously.

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