What an Amazing Evening(30th, Mar.)

Everything in this meeting was excellent. TME, guests, audience, speakers, evaluators used every opportunity to show their dedication and commitment to helping the club members to achieve excellence which creates the benchmark club in Shanghai! 

   TME used humourous and entertaining language usage and gestures pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

   “Special Sharing” from Marc Hong was focues on “Law of Attraction” to tell us a magic which is “I attract to myself, my life and business, whatever I give my attentionm energy and focus to, whether negative or positive.” It was such a coincidence that I read a few books on this topic and I think it works!

    C1 speaker, the new comer, Phoenix Feng shared with us his true personal stories which is really encouraging. He told us never give up, no matter what the situation is.

    C3 speaker, Cynthia Chen, made her C3 speech again! A touching story of her. She finally got what she wanted! Congratulations!

    C4 speaker, the immediate past President, Spike Gu, acted as a professor in Philosophy and proposed a series of questions to make us make a decision in dilemmas. It is the most inspiring and provoking for me in the evening. I personally love it best!

    Each evaluator voiced his/her opinions and gave valuable advice and suggestions to speakers, benefiting each one in the meeting.

    Thanks a lot! PSTMC! It was my first day joinging in and you offered me such a great opportunity to convey my happiness to all those who care about us and are interested in us. 

    PSTMC, we will make it happen!

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