Why did I run for the Election?

Every year, when the election day in People’s Square Toastmasters Club comes. Lots of active members will join in the election.
Some one will not understand why there are so many people want to compete in this election.
They will ask:
Why did they join in the election?
Why did they run for the position they can not get any payment?
Why? Why? Why?

Here are some answers:
1, Jacky Shao — run for PRVP
……How can I leave such a fantastic place with so many lovely friends. About the election,I just wanted to give it a try, and I am definitely not a name caller. Everyone just wants to be his best self, isn’t he?
I will try more roles and speeches, will bring more friends to the meeting as well.

2.Nika Xu — run for EVP
I made this decision in the last minute. Even I told you(Roawin) before the election, when spike asked me whether I want to accept, I hesitated too…
I said yes finally, because I don’t want such an important job, but no other competitors.  Do you still remember the first turn of officer election, that’s fierce, right?
I said yes, because I just don’t like my behavior—-careless. we still remember the first time when we entered in this room, right.
I said yes, because I saw there were also many other members who was willing to contribute to this club, right?
I care title, a little. but what  matters  is that  we grow with the club, club grows , we grow.
I do appreciate you and your contribution , you  take the responsibility all the time…
I will support Jolie’s EVP job , and I know she needs.
We are together.

Now, you may find the answers.

Because We are together. We make progress by learning in the office role.

Updated by PRVP Ben Dai, based on the letters between EVP Roawin and Jacky Shao and Nika Xu.

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